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Woman cooking clip art. Substitute cooking sherry. Cooking mama majesco.

Woman Cooking Clip Art

woman cooking clip art

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Cooking Direct Mail Piece

Cooking Direct Mail Piece

This is probably my favorite piece I worked on at the bank, if I do say so myself.

I did a lot of these direct mail pieces, promoting the bank's free gifts of the month.

This month I was lucky enough to find two absolutely perfect pieces of clip art, eliminating the need to schedule a costly photo shoot. The woman in blue was originally holding a different colored utensil, so I painted it out and inserted one of the black plastic ones we were giving away.

The man in blue was holding grilling utensils that were pretty darned close to the ones we were giving away, so I didn't have to change that. He had some kind of logo on his apron that needed painted out though.

This was a folded mailer, so it's presented here unfolded and spread out. The top is the outside of the mailer, and the panel on the right, with the woman in blue, is the cover. The bottom strip is the inside of the mailer.

Created in InDesign.

Le Chef Cuisinier

Le Chef Cuisinier

I am trying to do more retro clip art people. So this is what I came up with.

woman cooking clip art

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